To Everything There is a Season

Take Two (this is an edited version of the original post).  Ever have one of those emails that you write because you’re irritated and pissed off, and then when you’ve gotten it all out, instead of hitting Send you delete the entire thing?  Upon greater thought, that is what I should have done with about half of the original post to begin with.  It’s still very relevant to say that I think the season of my dinner parties is passing or has past as they are longer delivering the joy they were intended to. So it’s time to see what a new season will bring. After all, this is meant to be sharing my joyful journey with food and cooking, and since my dinner parties are no longer delivering that I need to find another path that will.

The last official dinner party, for now at least. I need to practice my panoramic pictures!

Finished blueberry galette
Since I was seeing the writing on the wall with my dinners, the last one I hosted I did not go all out with the menu like usual, and instead kept the menu very simple.  It consisted of a simple salad with vinaigrette dressing, Mississippi pot roast (which I will mention more about in another post), and a blueberry galette for dessert.

Now I’m not a baker, so when I saw the description for the blueberry galette recipe read “the more rustic (read: messed up) it looks, the better. Novice bakers, this one’s for you.”  Well, I knew I had to try it!  A galette is, quite simply, a rustic pie, no pie dish needed. I’m not going to reprint the recipe here because quite honestly I made it exactly the way the recipe stated and it turned out wonderfully, in fact way better and easier than I could have imagined. 

Here is the link though for the blueberry-pecan galette.  Make it like the recipe says.  Using the food processor made this the easiest crust I’ve ever made; I’ve included step by step pictures below to match the crust recipe so you can see what each step looks like. I ended up using a metal pizza pan covered with parchment to roll it onto and bake it because it was the right size around; you could make it oblong though using a regular sheet pan.  The only tip I have about ingredients is if you don’t have milk on hand but do have liquid coffee creamer (even if it’s flavored or sweetened) that would work just fine because you’re only using it to brush on the crust to make the sprinkled sugar stick (my thought is water would even do if you don’t have liquid milk/non-dairy milk or creamer). 

I will definitely make this recipe again and try different berries; it would work well I think with peaches or apples as well. Are you a novice baker also? Or do you have similar experiences with failed or waning dinner parties, or suggestions how to keep the dinner party momentum going?  Please share it all here; I would love to commiserate and also hear what has worked for you!

Title inspiration: Pete Seeger


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