Playing with Food

These silicone egg cups make perfectly poached eggs

Recently I was looking to change up my breakfast routine from a 2-egg and spinach omelet to something with only one egg and asked for suggestions from my friends.  I received some great ideas, like avocado toast or a sweet potato hash topped with an over easy or poached egg.  I really liked the sweet potato hash idea, so shredded some sweet potato and Brussel sprouts and cooked those up with a chicken sausage and topped with a poached egg.  So delicious! I highly recommend silicone egg poachers by the way – they have been fool proof and have made perfectly poached eggs in 5-6 minutes every time.

One friend has since been sending me recipes and videos every time she comes across something with one egg.  One was a video of several recipes, with hot dogs, that I’m pretty sure she sent me as a joke.  But one (the third one if you watch the video) caught my eye and I thought: Challenge accepted!  On my day off (so if I messed up I had time to take myself out for breakfast) I decided to take a stab at it with what I had on hand: the last of my chicken sausage, shredded sweet potato and Brussel sprouts, and 2 eggs (I tried one egg but it wasn’t enough to keep the amount of sweet potato and sprouts together).  Delightfully, it turned out better than I expected!

It’s silly but it was fun. I was going to laugh either way, whether it turned out or not.  If I had flipped it and it went all over I would have laughed at the absurdity and as it turns out when I did flip it, it worked and I laughed because it actually worked!  No I’m not going to make this every day, or possibly ever again.  But I will try something else new and fun, and I’m certainly going to try my hand at egg foo young now since this is what the consistency ended up reminding me of. 

Today’s Menu – Stuff on a Stick

A lot of my cooking is about trying new things, adapting familiar things, taking on a challenge, learning what works and what doesn’t, and connecting with my creativity, sense of fun and with other people.  Other fun food ideas I’ve brought to life is my Avocapolypse dinner which I’ve written about before (everything but the main dish had avocados – felt like being on Iron Chef coming up with different dishes featuring one ingredient) and Stuff on a Stick dinner (yes, everything was served on a stick – the idea came about because I wanted to try grilling cheese on stick, which didn’t work by the way with the cheese I chose, so I thought why not put everything on a stick!)

No recipes this week, just photos, links to other recipes, and advocating for playing with your food.  Please share your experience with fun food ideas, would love to know what ended up being successful for you, or was unsuccessful but had fun with! If you are interested in any of the recipes I’ve mentioned here, please let me know and I’ll be happy to share! You may want to try those jalapeno poppers (they don’t need to be on a stick though) – everyone said they’re some of the best they’ve ever had!


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