Welcome to Joyful Food Journey, a blog about my home cooking and other food adventures! I used to consider myself a reluctant cook (still do sometimes) – it seems like such a lot of work for just one person, the meal planning, prepping, and cooking.  I love the eating part though!  However, a couple years ago I realized that if I wanted to eat good and/or healthy by my standards, then cook for myself I would have to do.

On a regular basis I try to keep things fairly simple, but tasty and healthy.  Although occasionally I’ll get a wild hair and make something more complicated (usually for dinner parties).  I also like to take really yummy (but not necessarily the healthiest) recipes and make simple/easy modifications to make them healthier.

So expect to see a variety of simple meals, healthy meals, some “wild hair” recipes, and tips and tricks when cooking.  My cooking style tends to be a combination of following a recipe and “on the fly” but I’ll do my best to give measurements where I can.  I always recommend to taste and adjust as you go.  I’ll also be posting occasionally about my dining experiences out – I love trying new foods and restaurants.

So follow along, try the recipes, taste and adjust as you go, and let me know what you think!  I love hearing and sharing ideas to make recipes better or different!  Please also follow me on Instagram and Facebook and Pinterest.

amanda cooks beer can chicken
Beer can chicken success!

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