Just the Recipes

I recently saw a comment from a friend that they don’t want to scroll or sift through a dissertation about how the blogger’s day went, or what their kids are doing, or really just any lengthy commentary before getting to the main event: The Recipe.  And you know what?  I am the same way. To be honest I don’t read many of the blog entries that accompany the recipes that I look at.  The ones I do read mostly have to do with the process that accompanies the recipe; how they adapted the recipe from something else, suggestions on how to adapt the recipe that follows, a particular technique that is useful in making the recipe, etc.Joe Friday text

So why do I do this and what makes my blog special?  I mostly try to do what I mentioned above, talk about the recipe, because I think it’s interesting and relevant.  Sometimes I have a story to tell that is peripherally related to the recipe and in those cases I go ahead and tell the story because I like the story and maybe it will be relatable to someone.  And…I do hear you, friend; in the future I’m going to change up my style a little bit here.  I’ll still be talking about the recipe process in my blog, and occasionally stories, but I’ll also be including some posts that are 98% recipe and 2% other text (totally rough numbers there, didn’t actually calculate it, but you get my drift).

I’ve also changed my Categories so you can more easily find the type of posts you may want to view:

  • Just the Recipes – as the name implies, just the recipes with little to no blog text.
  • Let’s Talk About – this includes process and/or story blog text along with a recipe.
  • Everything Else – this typically will be blog posts without a recipe.
  • Anything with a Recipe – again, as the name implies, any blog post with a recipe.

No recipe here today, although my next post will be “Just the Recipe” because I have a really tasty, healthy, and quick chili relleno recipe and Mexican corn salad recipe to share.  Thanks for reading, my friends! Until next time, take care and eat well!


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